What we do? 

Incrementum builds a powerful Digital Strategy Engine™ that strengthens your brand equity on digital channels. We turn the online audience into your brand advocates and non-believers into believers (of your value proposition). 

Because we live in a connected world today; Power, these days, is distributed among many. Success, therefore, is accumulation and coordination of this power. How business comes to you, is half science and half magic. That magic is winning the hearts and minds of people that are in the position to give you business. Your reputation matters and it is generated and managed. 

What you offer to the world is unique when on the surface your business might look the same as others to your customers. It is unique because you are unique and the value you have built for your customers is different and unique. Your story just hasn’t been told. 

Inbound Marketing Engine™ takes your story, your insights, your expertise, and your wins to the hearts and minds of your buyers. The social power is generated and then converted to financial power. You will know when you have that power, when inquiries about your business, the sale leads, start walking through your front door, the website. Our art is an evolution of the old traditions of Brand Development, Campaign Management and Sales and Marketing Technology Innovation and Integration. 


How we build the engine? 

                             Prophet Nine's Inbound Marketing Engine Design & Workflow - rev 29.1. © All Rights Reserved 2014. 

How do we build your marketing engine? In simple nine phases. 

  1. Assess the landscape, your reputation score, and your pipeline infrastructure.  Put together a game plan. 
  2. Develop and refine your customer personas. Research your industry and outline your Brand. 
  3. Build your technology. Your website. Your CRM, Communications Platform. Web and Mobile Apps. Keep technology updated with latest changes in the industry. 
  4. Identify Influencers and strategy to connect with them.  
  5. Architect your Social Network. 
  6. Design with love, the collateral your customers want. E-Books, Blogs, Images, Videos. All Creative support. 
  7. Market your offers to your real customer personas. 
  8. Analyze result, your influence score and rate of incoming sales leads. Nurture leads till they become revenue. 
  9. Power the engine. Respond to your customers, your community and your network and establish new campaigns. 

Engine Components

We use all latest sales and marketing technologies, platforms, tools and execution tactics while building your Inbound Marketing Engine™. Here are our current capabilities. We are constantly expanding our team and adding new capabilities to the fold, to keep up with changes in the industry and bring best of the breed to our customers. 

Let's Get Started

We would love to hear from you and give you a proposal on how we will build and manage a marketing engine for you, that generates social power, and converts prospects into loyal customers. Please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.